The Motorvation for Graduation and Visitation

April 28, 2016


…after years spent across two states, three schools, a few quarters lost to various forms of chaos and paperwork snafus, I’m getting my Applied Behavioral Science BA degree this Sunday.  As my school (Ashford) is primarily online, the actual commencement ceremony is a good ways from my current home in Kent, Washington: it’s in San Diego, California.  As I’m both proud and utterly baffled in my achievement (my high school tendencies were best described as “unfortunate” way back when), especially as I’m supposed to graduate at some level of “cum laude” or other (still awaiting my final grade as I write this), I felt that I should definitely attend this bizarre occasion.

However, I’m doing so on a tiny fixed income and with my main vehicle, “Smaug the Wonder Truck”, currently twitchy at highway speeds…so I’ve been applying various repairs to my auxiliary vehicle, “Buzz Lightbeer”.  Buzz is a 16-year-old coupe, among the last “Escorts” Ford ever produced, and had at least one previous owner with no idea whatsoever how to maintain or repair a vehicle.  So…I’m going to fold by big/tall self into a tiny car and head for what would be over 2,000 miles of road trip.  This is obviously ill-advised.

Insanity breeds during the planning stages, at least in my withered mind…!

I spent over 3 decades in New Mexico, primarily in Albuquerque, and I have deeply and dearly missed many people down there.  Granted, I kinda hate the desert in general and I don’t miss a single dust pile or disintegrating tumbleweed from the sun-blasted hell that is Albuquerque…but people, yeah, I’ve been a-missin’ them badly for over 3 years, now.  So, hey, if I’m undergoing a poorly-considered road trip, why not make it utterly bonkers and add another thousand miles to it?  And hey…my niece and her family are in Las Vegas, maybe I can “buzz” through there on the way to ‘Burque!  Yeah, let’s add miles and complexity, what could go wrong?

I want to also publicly apologize to my nephew, Seth, in that my schedule will not allow me to add the two days of driving that would get to to his place in Texas…as I also have to get home in time to fly out for my son’s boot camp graduation.  I apologize, and intend to make it up to ya, bud…workin’ on it.

Adding more silliness to insanity, I’ll be stopping in Grand Junction, CO, to visit my father and stepmother, and Boise to visit a musical co-conspirator…both on the way home.  Buzz will be seeing some country.  I will likely be ingesting enough 5-Hour Energy to make it onto their Christmas card list.  On the plus side, Buzz has had a wheel bearing, a CV axle, the whole clutch system, and other fixes of late…so things SHOULD hold together…and I SHOULD be able to survive nearly 4,000 miles of road trip…subsisting mainly on jerky, water, and Itunes playlists…


Updates to follow…!


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